InBolt develops a localization technology based on cutting-edge computer vision algorithms for all hand-held tools to improve traceability and therefore reliability of manual processes in the industry.

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What we do

Real time monitoring improves traceability and reliability of manual processes

Our Solution ?

A hardware module that tracks the position of a tool

  • Tesla
    Model 3 Assembly Engineer
    Your solution could provide us the information layer we were missing
  • Thalès Alénia Space
    Head of Manufacturing
    We already know how much we could save thanks to your solution
  • Safran
    Head of Manufacturing R&D
    Your technology is a real solution to the challenge that poses torquing
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Thales wrote about InBolt

"It’s almost like a recipe for a startup: take three twenty-something co-founders, all currently finishing a Master’s degree, a final-year project based on a revolutionary idea ..."

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InBolt competes for the ArianeGroup Award “The connected plant”. The startup produces a hardware device to increase the quality of industrial manual processes...

InBolt won Petit Poucet Innovation Prize !

Tightening a bolt or screw on an assembly line in the aerospace industry is crucial. Indeed, poor tightening is often a source of major incidents and costs...