Microlocation & navigation technology based on 3D vision for

InBolt develops a localization technology based on cutting-edge computer vision algorithms for all hand-held tools, robotics arms and AGVs to improve traceability and reliability of processes in the industry.

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A microlocation module based on environment recognition

module InBolt
*Under development

Locates the position of the object it is attached on by recognizing the environment around it

Guides the worker or robotic arm on the task to realize according to the position of the means of production (drilling, torquing, welding, etc.)

Registers all the information related to the operations carried out (position, realization time, parameters)

Microlocation is the key to Industry 4.0

Reduce rework

Reduction in faulty operations. Improved quality control through end-to-end traceability

Improve production speed

Reduction in programming time for robotic arms. Operators do not need to look for guidance and ask for help around anymore

Enable automation

Adaptability and flexibility of the robotic arm. ROI guaranteed

The feedbacks

Our solution has applications in many industries and we have experienced strong traction

Head of manufacturing - Thales Alenia Space

“The InBolt solution is a way to improve confidence both of operators and customer on payload assembly completion.”

Head of engineering - Robotics solutions supplier

“We’re takers! We cannot spend our time doing off-line programming for each type of part, we need your solution for adaptive trajectory.”

Method Engineer - SAFRAN Electrical & Power

"Your solution is interesting for us to realign cobots trajectory for torquing operations.”

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InBolt is a Deep Tech Pioneer !

"InBolt has been named one of Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneers! Selected among more than 5,000 startups from 128 different countries ..."

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InBolt @ Agoranov

"InBolt joined the Agoranov incubator. We are proud the be now part of an incredible ecosystem!"

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InBolt received the Jean-Louis Gérondeau - Safran Prize

"We are very proud to be laureates of the Jean-Louis Gerondeau - Safran prize..."

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Thales wrote about InBolt

"It’s almost like a recipe for a startup: take three twenty-something co-founders, all currently finishing a Master’s degree, a final-year project based on a revolutionary idea ..."

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"Techniques de l'ingénieur"

InBolt competes for the ArianeGroup Award “The connected plant”. The startup produces a hardware device to increase the quality of industrial manual processes...

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InBolt won Petit Poucet Prize !

Tightening a bolt or screw on an assembly line in the aerospace industry is crucial. Indeed, poor tightening is often a source of major incidents and costs...

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InBolt @ Polytechnique

"[Rencontre avec] Louis Dumas, diplômé du master X-HEC Entrepreneurs 2019 et CTO d’Inbolt, startup qui développe ses premiers prototypes au sein du X-Fab."

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Phase de prototypage terminée !

"Aujourd’hui, Louis nous raconte comment la bourse a permis à son équipe de fabriquer le prototype qui séduit déjà les grands industriels du domaine aérospatial."