Cutting-edge 3D data processing algorithms


A millimeter-accuracy
model-based relative positioning


The use of CAD Models guaran-
-tees the digital continuity


Highly-patented solution
and more to come

Why is model-based tracking better than triangulation-based technologies for industrial applications?

Low set up & integration investment :

no need to install beacons throughout the shop floor. The technology fits in one small module.

Flexibility of vision :

triangulation works effectively if parts and assemblies are always placed and oriented the same. 3D-vision adapts to parts position and orientation changes.

Functions in many
conditions :

large metal sheets and obstructive parts prevent efficient triangulation. Our 3D vision technology works inside a plane fuselage or car body.

The founding team

Rudy Cohen, CEO

ENS / MSc X-HEC Entrepreneurs graduate. Published researcher in data sciences.

Louis Dumas, CTO

Supaero / MSc X-HEC Entrepreneurs graduate. Hacker in hardware and software development.

Albane Dersy, COO

HEC / Wharton / MSc X-HEC Entrepreneur graduate. M&A and Strategy consulting.

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